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The research essay is a kind of research paper with its special signs. Comparing to the original research paper, it doesn’t mean a great experiment to discover something new but includes the author’s point of view. Exactly this particularity creates difficulties for students.

The purpose of writing a research essay is to share the author’s opinion about the exact topic. That’s why colleges and universities often give students such a task. No matter the subject, degree, and specialization, the research essay is an easy way to check your skills and knowledge.

Research essay doesn’t require making difficult plans and outlines. Such paper can be written in several hours if the author is keen on topic and academic rules. Usually, it has a traditional structure with introduction, body, and conclusion, and contains 5 paragraphs. This paper may include more text, but remember that it is an essay. As a result, there is a contradiction: students consider this task to be simple but make numerous mistakes.

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Research Essay Writing Process

Research essay writers use the traditional structure of the academic paper, so the process of writing is quite standard:

  • to pick up a topic which will suit the most to your skills and science field;
  • to find and sort your arguments;
  • to make plan and notes;
  • to write each paragraph, etc.

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